50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (2023)

The very best Xbox 360 games to play today.

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  • #50 Spec Ops The Line
  • #49 Blue Dragon
  • #48 South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • #47 Fight Night Champion
  • #46 Diablo III
  • #45 Dishonored
  • #44 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • #43 Super Meat Boy
  • #42 Trials
  • #41 Limbo
  • #40 The Evil Within
  • #39 Sleeping Dogs
  • #38 Brutal Legend
  • #37 Castle Crashers
  • #36 Catherine
  • #35 Minecraft
  • #34 Alan Wake
  • #33 Halo 4
  • #32 Resident Evil 5
  • #31 Fallout New Vegas
  • #30 Dead Rising
  • #29 Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
  • #28 Tomb Raider
  • #27 Halo: Reach
  • #26 Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • #25 Burnout Paradise
  • #23 Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • #22 Left 4 Dead 2
  • #21 L.A. Noire
  • #20 Fable 2
  • #19 Bayonetta
  • #18 Dead Space
  • #17 Fallout 3
  • #16 Mass Effect Trilogy
  • #14 Far Cry 3
  • #13 Forza Series
  • #12 Rock Band
  • #11 The Walking Dead
  • #10 BioShock Infinite
  • #9 Batman Arkham Games
  • #8 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • #7 Gears of War
  • #6 Halo 3
  • #5 Portal 2
  • #4 Red Dead Redemption
  • #3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • #2 BioShock
  • #1 Grand Theft Auto V
50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (1)

The Xbox 360 may be a bit dated today but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of fun with some great video game titles. In this list we’re going to be showcasing some of the very best Xbox 360 games that are still worth playing today.

#50 Spec Ops The Line

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (2)

The Spec Ops franchise was a tactical shooter franchise that got its start back in the late 1990s and lasted until 2002. From there the IP went dormant but back in 2012 we got a reboot of sorts with Spec Ops: The Line, which is currently the last installment to the franchise. Within the game, players were sent into Dubai after a slew of sandstorms took the area over. Here players are on a recon mission that opens up a slew of dark twists and turns. It’s a thrilling game that so many players enjoyed for its strong narrative, but one that seems to have been more of a hidden gem.

#49 Blue Dragon

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (3)

Blue Dragon is a game you might have missed out on. This is an RPG that was exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform and attached to the project were some big names such as Akira Toriyama along with Hironobu Sakaguchi. Originally, the game was exclusive to the Japanese markets which was a move to likely push more units of the Xbox 360 by delivering a traditional RPG game.

Meanwhile, we finally received this title a year later in western markets. As you can likely expect with JRPG titles, this is a lengthy game and one filled with characters to meet, a high fantasy storyline, and a more traditional turn-based combat system. It’s not a title for everyone, but the game certainly slipped by some player’s radars.

#48 South Park: The Stick of Truth

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (4)

South Park is a massively popular television show that doesn’t pull any punches and fortunately, you’re able to step into the show with South Park: The Stick of Truth. This particular installment has players following the new kid of the neighborhood as he winds up being pulled into a grand LARP game with the other iconic cast of characters from the show. As you can expect the game features a brand new story featuring your favorite voice actors from the show. Not to mention that visually, the game looks just like you’re watching another episode of the iconic television series.

#47 Fight Night Champion

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (5)

The Fight Night series was a big hit and unfortunately, the IP has remained dormant. MMA has mainly taken over the boxing video games, but the last mainline installment to release into the marketplace was Fight Night Champion. This was another game that acted much like the past titles where players went through different boxing matches or worked up the ranks in a career mode. This was the first time an EA Sports title received a Mature rating as the career mode wanted to showcase a more gritty storyline along with the brutality of the sport. Since then, the game has been stuck on the Xbox 360 generation of console platforms.

#46 Diablo III

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (6)

After Diablo II we had a bit of a pause with the franchise but that changed in 2012 when we finally received Diablo III. This is another hack and slash demonic title as you battle against waves of hostile monsters in search of loot and quests to complete. More importantly, this was a new Diablo title that was accessible for console players and it allowed not only the ability to go through this game solo but also with a total of four players online or through local co-op.

#45 Dishonored

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (7)

Arkane Studios delivered a brand new IP in 2012 called Dishonored. The video game is set in a steampunk-like world where our protagonist was one of the most trusted bodyguards of the kingdom’s Empress. However, when you’re framed for her murder, players break free using a mixture of assassin combat techniques and some new supernatural abilities. Now players embark on a journey to free this city after a plague and corrupt government has taken over control.

#44 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (8)

The Witcher series gained some worldwide attention thanks to the CD Projekt Red development team which adapted the series of novels into a makeshift video game trilogy. While most would look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as the best game in the series, its predecessor, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is available on the Xbox 360. It’s also the first installment to be available on the console platforms as well since the first title was released strictly for PC. If you’re interested in a high-fantasy RPG then this is a pretty solid entry here. With that said, you might want to at least watch a recap of the first game before diving into this sequel.

#43 Super Meat Boy

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (9)

One of the biggest indie hits to have released was Super Meat Boy, where players took the role of a protagonist that didn’t have any skin that was forced to battle against an evil fetus that kidnapped Meat Boy’s love interest, Bandage Girl. This was a fast-paced platform title as players were forced to go through a complex maze that was filled with hazards such as giant saw blades and crumbling blocks. The simplistic gameplay mixed with the difficult map layouts made it a game that’s easy to play but difficult to master.

#42 Trials

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (10)

Trials is a popular racing game series that is based around a bit of physics. In this title, players are riding through some difficult courses filled with obstacles. To complete the course, players will need to carefully ride over the obstacles but it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds as the slightest mishap will send you back to the previous checkpoint. It’s also a series that continues to be popular with new installments today. There are a few Trials games available on the platform too which includes Trials HD, Trials Evolution, and Trials Fusion.

#41 Limbo

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (11)

Limbo is another indie title that took the world by storm. Here players were taking control of a young child in a bleak world as you attempted to go through a series of hostile environments. With so many hazards, this was a trial-and-error title as our little protagonist would slip up, get smashed by an obstacle, fall upon a pit of spikes or be attacked by a beast. Little by little, players would successfully figure out just how to get around the dangers and progress further into the game. This title also helps bring out some other incredible games since such as Inside and Little Nightmares.

#40 The Evil Within

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (12)

The Evil Within gained some notoriety right away thanks to the game director being Shinji Mikami who helped bring out Resident Evil and Dino Crisis for Capcom. This the next big horror game from the developer and it had plenty of fans eager to try it out. Within The Evil Within players took the role of a detective by the name of Sebastian Castellanos that ends up being pulled into this unusual and horrific distorted world. Players are now battling to keep Sebastian safe while fighting off all kinds of terrifying creatures, solving a mixture of puzzles, and avoiding traps scattered across the map.

#39 Sleeping Dogs

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (13)

Sleeping Dogs is a game that’s also flown a bit under the radar for some players so if you haven’t given this game a try and enjoy action games with a plot centered around crime a bit like Grand Theft Auto then you’ll probably enjoy this title. In Sleeping Dogs, players take the role of a member of the law enforcement as he attempts to invade the Hong Kong organized crime in hopes of demolishing the group from the inside. This is a game that has a bit more focus with melee combat with players also being able to roam around the city of Hong Kong. While the title has picked up some fans over the years, it’s still an IP that’s remained dormant.

#38 Brutal Legend

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (14)

Brutal Legend is a title that might have gone under the radar for quite a few players out there. This is an action-adventure game that puts players into the role of Eddie Riggs, the greatest roadie in the world. After an accident happens to transport Eddie into an alternate reality where the world is enslaved by demonic monsters, Eddie turns out to be the chosen one who will either be the savior of this world or the destroyer. This game had a niche following with fans hopeful that a sequel will come out, but for now, you can still enjoy the first installment today.

#37 Castle Crashers

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (15)

Castle Crashers was one of the biggest indie hits to come out exclusively at the time for the Xbox 360. Developed by The Behemoth who was previously known for Alien Hominid a popular flash game. Within Castle Crashers players are into the role of knights as you battle all kinds of hostile enemies and bosses are you attempt to rescue the kingdom’s princess that was kidnapped by an evil dark wizard. In the game, players can expect a side-scrolling hack and slash title which is still just as fun to play today as it was originally when the game launched in 2008.

#36 Catherine

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (16)

Catherine was a bit of a surprise release but one that had plenty of players interested in trying the game out. Within the game, you’ll play as Vincent, a normal guy who can be found in the bar with friends during the day and at night with his love interest, Katherine. Things go from normal to bizarre when you meet another woman named Catherine at the bar. A friendly innocent conversation goes straight to a dirty night of hedonism when you wake up in bed with Catherine.

During the night Vincent will have terrifying nightmares which require you to solve a block-style puzzle. Vincent must reach the top of the tower by either climbing, pulling, removing, or jumping from block to block. While this may sound like an easy task to accomplish, these puzzles are not for the faint of heart. The time limit and boss battles will make gameplay in Catherine a rigorous and painful journey for some.

#35 Minecraft

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (17)

You all probably know about Minecraft at this point. The video game IP was such a huge worldwide hit that years later we’re still enjoying the game with a slew of updates from Mojang. Players are put in this giant blocky randomly generated world where they are doing one of two things. For starters you could be playing in survival mode and attempting to build up a base, gathering resources, crafting tools, and battling against hostile mobs that appear in the dark.

However, players can also go through this game in a creative mode that unlocks all the resources, tools, and items while dropping the survival element. Within the creative mode, you won’t have to worry about hostile enemies attacking or keeping your vitals up. Instead, players can build up their world however they see fit.

#34 Alan Wake

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (18)

Development studio Remedy Entertainment was known for the Max Payne franchise until 2010 when they delivered a brand new IP called Alan Wake. This third-person shooter action-adventure game follows a writer who travels with his wife to the small town of Bright Falls in hopes of clearing up his mind for the next novel. However, upon arriving, a mysterious supernatural hostile entity appears, kidnapping your wife and leaving you to battle through the darkness. Fans took up with this atmospheric game and its spin-off installment that came afterward, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. While the franchise has a following, this IP hasn’t found a new installment released yet.

#33 Halo 4

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (19)

After Bungie left the Halo IP, 343 Industries was given control of the IP with their first debut title being Halo 4. This installment might not have been as highly regarded as its predecessor titles, but there was still quite a few fans who enjoyed the game. Halo 4 takes place a few years after Halo 3 in which Master Chief is stranded on a strange world as he begins to unearth some dark and sinister secrets.

Again, this was a different development studio taking on the IP who had to fill some pretty big shoes thanks to the immense success Bungie had crafting up the storyline and gameplay so far. As a result, there’s a pretty big mix of fans who enjoyed this game and those that we’re finding it lackluster. With that said, gameplay is still a heavily an FPS title where you’ll battle against all kinds of different hostile alien creatures.

#32 Resident Evil 5

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (20)

Resident Evil 4 was a huge success as it brought in some new mechanics with an over-the-shoulder style combat system. While fans took up with the gameplay and narrative, Capcom started to take the Resident Evil IP into a new direction. It was less of a survival horror game and instead more action-oriented. While at the time fans were pretty dismissive of Resident Evil 5, more players are looking back at the game today as just a solid co-op shooter.

Here we’re following Chris Redfield along with newcomer Sheva Alomar who is uncovering a new BOW in Africa. Again, those expecting a creeping and atmospheric game like the earlier Resident Evil titles before this installment may be let down, but you’ll have a blast taking this game in as just a mindless co-op action horror game with plenty of gunplay, boss battles, and puzzles to solves.

#31 Fallout New Vegas

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (21)

After the success of Fallout 3, Bethesda allowed Obsidian Entertainment to build up a game for the IP. Obsidian Entertainment is another iconic development studio known for bringing out some thrilling RPGs into the marketplace and that statement held true for Fallout New Vegas. This installment tossed aside the usual startup for the Fallout games as being a vault member emerging out into the wasteland and instead had players as a survivor within Las Vegas. Thanks to the Hoover Dam, Sin City was still thriving with electricity and clean water.

With that said, there are still all sorts of hostile creatures and factions in the wild waiting for individuals to make their way out into the open. Within the game, players are on a simple job of delivering a package but during the process, a group stops our protagonist, shoots them, and leaves you for dead. Managing to survive, our protagonist recovers and begins their journey of seeking revenge.

#30 Dead Rising

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (22)

Zombie games are always popular and we’ve seen quite a few of them release on the Xbox 360 platform. However, Dead Rising was a different style of zombie game as it was more of an arcade title. Players are taking the role of Frank West, a freelance photojournalist that ventures to a mall that is believed to be filled with zombies.

While Frank is attempting to get some killer shots our protagonist finds himself trapped in this mall with an ever-growing slew of undead zombies roaming the area. Fortunately, Frank has access to countless shops filled with items to use as makeshift weapons to fight off the dead. Not to mention, you’ll have the chance to explore the mall, attempt to help other survivors, and piece together clues as to what happened.

#29 Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (23)

Assassin’s Creed franchise is a series that continues with new installments today. With so many installments, Ubisoft has taken players to different parts of the world and interesting eras as you battled against the Templar Order. With Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, players going through a pirate-themed installment set in 1715. Here we follow a young captain named Edward Kenway that has taken interest in other pirate icons as he battles for glory.

However, his battles will end up in the middle of the war between Assassins and the Templars. This is more of a linear game compared to the recent title installments, but you’ll still have plenty of areas to explore. Meanwhile, the game added ship combat as you captain your crew in the open seas, position your ship against opposing vessels and open fire with your cannons. Otherwise, you can unsheathe your blade and begin clashing swords against your hostile enemies or firing off some pretty primitive guns.

#28 Tomb Raider

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (24)

Come on, everyone knows about the Tomb Raider franchise right? This IP was around since 1996 as we stepped into the role of Lara Croft as she embarked on a grand adventure seeking strange and supernatural artifacts all while battling evil corporations, dangerous traps, along hostile wildlife. In 2013, development studio Crystal Dynamics brought out a reboot which didn’t see Lara Croft as being the daring heroine we knew of prior.

Instead, Tomb Raider put players on Lara’s first big adventure during an archaeology trip. When a storm capsizes the ship, Lara gets separated from her team and must battle against all kinds of hostile enemies while attempting to track down her remaining crew. It wouldn’t be a Tomb Raider game if there wasn’t plenty of exploration, puzzle-solving, and supernatural elements to contend with, but I won’t be spoiling anything more here. Trust me, if you haven’t given Tomb Raider the 2013 reboot a try yet then you’re missing out.

#27 Halo: Reach

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (25)

For years, Bungie was responsible for the Halo franchise. They developed the IP and worked under Microsoft to bring out new and thrilling installments as Master Chief fought off hostile aliens threatening humanity. However, after so many years of working with the IP, the developers were looking at their exit to bring work on their next venture, Destiny. With that said, the studio was bringing out their final installment into the marketplace with Halo: Reach. Rather than put players into the role of Master Chief, the studio offered players a prequel to the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

This prequel took place just moments before Halo: Combat Evolved as players stepped into the role of Noble Six, one of the members of a Spartan squad when their planet of Reach was hit by a surprise Covenant attack. The game was a thrill as we witnessed the fall of Reach and the daring mission to battle against the hostile forces which catalyst the series we know of today.

#26 Call of Duty: Black Ops

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (26)

Call of Duty was mainly a historical World War Two video game franchise but that changed in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which we’ll be talking about a bit later on. Eventually, we finally received the Black Ops franchise in 2010 which was a successor to a previous title, Call of Duty: World at War.

In this game, we’re thrown into the 1960s as we followed a CIA operative going under a series of black operations. The storyline was full of big action-moments whether it was an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro to breaking out of a foreign prison by organizing an uprising. This was such a big hit for the campaign and of course the multiplayer component that the games continued with new installments for the Black Ops sub-series.

#25 Burnout Paradise

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (27)

Burnout was a pretty iconic video game franchise when it first got started with each installment building up its popularity especially by the time we go to Burnout 3: Takedown, which launched for platform predecessors of the Xbox 360. With that said, Burnout Paradise was another highly regarded arcade racing title for the Burnout IP.

This was a game set in an open world environment in which players could race around freely to reach different race checkpoints where players could participate in competitive street racing. Fans enjoyed this arcade racer so much that several years later we received a remastered edition for modern platforms although that has been the last Burnout game to have released in general.

#24 Borderlands 1 & 2

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (28)

Borderlands is often credited for being the title to pave the way for looter shooters. The franchise was a game based around multiple players logging online and going through a slew of missions while fighting off a slew of enemies in search of better gear or weapons to use. While it’s typically a game to be played with friends online, you can still connect with a friend in a two-player co-op gameplay session otherwise there’s the ability to go through the game solo. There are two video game titles from the mainline series available on the Xbox 360 while Borderlands 3 released for more modern platforms in 2019.

#23 Deus Ex: Human Revolution

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (29)

You might recall Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which is the latest title to the series, but on the Xbox 360, we received Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Here we stepped into the role of Adem Jensen who was tasked with protecting a biotechnology firm only to find the company gets swarmed by a team of black ops.

Now Adam’s world has been turned upside down with a worldwide conspiracy involving augmentations. The game, much like the latest installment, allows players to tweak the protagonist with a slew of different attributes giving them the ability to enjoy this game however they see fit. This is one story-driven RPG that players can easily get hooked into, even now years later.

#22 Left 4 Dead 2

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (30)

Left 4 Dead came out in 2008 and its sequel followed a year later. While both are fun games, you’ll have more fun with the sequel as it provides the same gameplay with a slew of enhancements. Overall, this is a cooperative FPS IP as players work in teams of four as they battle against a slew of zombie creatures in an attempt to reach different rescue points. Of course, while doing so you’ll need to complete a series of objectives or battle waves of undead.

With so many various creatures with their unique attributes, players were able to fight off these demonic beasts with the likes of various guns to melee weapons. Fans have put a ton of love and support into this game long after the development team over at Valve with a variety of mods and custom maps. Unfortunately, those mods and custom maps are mainly on the PC platform, but this is still a fantastic cooperative game for players to join in on a local game today.

#21 L.A. Noire

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (31)

L.A. Noire was quite an impressive video game at the time. Developed by a new studio called Team Bondi, this video game was set during the 1940s where you controlled detective Cole Phelps as he attempted to rise through the various ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department. Overall, the game was an action-adventure title that took Cole through a variety of detective cases. Here players would normally arrive at the crime scene, investigate the body, search the area for clues, talk with witnesses, and head to different homes of the suspects.

There was plenty of tense moments full of shootouts and police chases as you apprehended suspects to arrest. When you did arrest an individual, Cole would be able to interrogate in hopes of getting a confession. Unfortunately, there was plenty of controversies that popped up since L.A. Noire was released and it leads to the closure of the studio. So far we haven’t received a sequel, but you can play the game on the Xbox 360 today.

#20 Fable 2

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (32)

Fable was a big RPG hit back on the original Xbox console platform and on the Xbox 360 we were given a sequel. Fable 2 takes place hundreds of years after the first Fable title where we now see more lively cities and castles take over the world. Here players are able to craft up their character and embark on a series of quests over the protagonist’s life.

Much like the first installment, there’s a big emphasis on choices, players are essentially able to craft their protagonist up to be either a hero or a villain and it’s these choices that will actually affect the world around them. As a result, the gameplay offers some replay value to see just what would change depending on your actions through the gameplay. While the Fable franchise started to dwindle down, we know that Microsoft has brought the IP back so you could get a taste of what Fable is like with Fable 2 before a reboot of sorts is released into the marketplace.

#19 Bayonetta

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (33)

Bayonetta was a bit of a hidden gem at first with the game releasing into the marketplace for multiple platforms. This was a game that had a fast-paced action hack and slash combat style which was a bit similar to the Devil May Cry franchise. Without spoiling too much of the narrative, this game followed a witch named Bayonetta that was risen after twenty years from the bottom of a lake.

When Bayonetta, awakens, she has no memories as she embarks on a grand journey to figure out what happened all of those years ago. Initially, the developers didn’t believe they would get a chance to see a sequel but Nintendo stepped in and now the Bayonetta franchise continues but exclusively under the Nintendo console platform lineup. At the very least players can still enjoy the first game today on the Xbox 360.

#18 Dead Space

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (34)

Dead Space was a brand new horror game that was delivered in 2008. Within the game, players were thrown into the distant future as you stepped into the role of Isaac Clarke, your average everyday engineer that handled work on various spacecrafts. After a distress signal is sent out, Isaac arrives on a ship that is filled by some kind of parasite infecting the crew and turning them into mindless grotesque creatures.

At the time, this was the horrifying game everyone was playing. Developers made a pretty popular move by dropping the HUD which would normally give players all the various stats and info such as the character’s health or ammo. Instead, Isaac’s suit would highlight these bits of information which allowed players to get a bit more immersed in the gameplay. Fortunately, you can play all three of the mainline installments released for this trilogy on the Xbox 360.

#17 Fallout 3

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (35)

Fallout and Fallout 2 were thrilling RPG titles but it was developed and fixated on an isometric-style of gameplay. Players were able to see the specific room area the character was in and from there it was mainly a point-and-click style of gameplay. However, when Bethesda brought out Fallout 3 it was a massive change up to the gameplay. Players were given a first-person perspective as they were raised in the vault only to break out in hopes of finding your father who left moments prior.

Here, players were given a seemingly endless wasteland just waiting to be explored. This world was full of dangerous creatures, corrupt factions, but also friendly communities and NPCs that needed a helping hand. You could easily sink hours on top of into this action RPG experience.

#16 Mass Effect Trilogy

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (36)

BioWare is known for delivering some incredible RPGs into the marketplace. One of the series that this studio will always be remembered for will be Mass Effect, a science-fiction RPG that had players going through a narrative trilogy with a battle for the galaxy’s survival when a new hostile threat emerges. Players follow a commander by the name of Shepard who is joined by several interesting cast of characters to aid you along the way.

This was such a highly acclaimed series as players were given a solid storyline, thrilling characters, and a focus around players making decisions that steered the narrative. While the end of Mass Effect 3 didn’t please everyone, it’s still a series that will constantly be recommended to those looking for a third-person action RPG series.

#15 Dark Souls 1 & 2

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (37)

After the incredible success of the Demon’s Souls release, FromSoftware continued with Dark Souls. The video game series continued as an intense and brutal action RPG. Here players went through a game that has players stepping into the role of a warrior of sorts that’s battling against cursed dead and monsters. This is the kind of game that either players are gonna love or hate and there’s no real way of knowing until you start the game up.

While Demon’s Souls was an exclusive for the PlayStation 3 platform, the developers went on to bring Dark Souls and its sequel, Dark Souls 2 onto additional platforms including the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the full trilogy is not available for the Xbox 360 as you’ll need to jump onto a newer platform to get into Dark Souls III or some of the related successors like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

#14 Far Cry 3

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (38)

Far Cry is another FPS series that continues to thrive today, but quite a few have put Far Cry 3 on a pedestal for the franchise. I won’t spoil much here, but in this game, you and your friends get captured by a group that deals with trafficking. Stuck on an island with no means for help, our protagonist breaks free and begins his own hunt to get with his friends and to battle against a mad antagonist named Vaas.

Much like other more current installments to the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 3 features an open-world environment that gives the ability to play this game how you see fit. Customize your weapons and decide on whether the right approach is going into an area gun’s blazing or potentially stick within the shadows and eliminate the targets carefully.

#13 Forza Series

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (39)

While Sony had the Gran Turismo series for a simulation racing game, Microsoft had an answer to the competition with the Forza series. There were two basic series within the IP, you had the Forza Motorsport titles which focused on more realistic simulation racing, and the Forza Horizon series which was more of arcade-style racing games.

Players can find quite a few video game titles within the IP on the Xbox 360 with Forza Motorsport 4 being the last title available for the Xbox 360 whereas the Horizon series lasted until Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360. Both series of titles have continued and are still just as fun but they were released on the Xbox One console platforms.

#12 Rock Band

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (40)

Listen, Rock Band might be a surprise pick for some of you but this series still provides a thrilling time. During the hype of rhythm games, developers were shoveling out as many titles and brand-focused releases as possible. One of the more popular party video games from that era was Rock Band, which didn’t just focus on guitars like Guitar Hero, but a collection of instruments. Players could form a virtual makeshift band with the bass, guitars, vocals, and even a drummer. It was just a fun time playing with friends as you attempted to keep the beat and play through the various iconic musical tracks. You very well can dust off those plastic instruments and get that digital band started up today.

#11 The Walking Dead

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (41)

Telltale Games might have closed down, only to be reopened under a new group, but during their height, they delivered a truly compelling adventure game series. Over the years, Telltale Games was able to play around with different IPs, one of which was The Walking Dead. The games all played the same in which players were going through a narrative journey with a focus on exploration, dialogue, and QTEs. With The Walking Dead, we received a new standalone story for the IP that follows Lee, an escaped convict, who stumbles upon a stranded young girl named Clementine during the start of this worldwide zombie apocalypse.

Taking in Clementine, Lee strives to find a haven for the two, but it’s an emotional story full of twists and turns. We see the best of humanity and the worst of it. Here you’ll at least get to start this series right on the Xbox 360 which holds up well today.

#10 BioShock Infinite

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (42)

While the first two BioShock video games took us below the depths of the ocean in what was called the Rapture, BioShock Infinite flew us above the clouds in a steampunk-style city called Columbia. Following an old Pinkerton agent named Booker DeWitt, players pick up on a new job, to locate and bring back a young woman named Elizabeth trapped within the airborne city.

After arriving players learn the city thrives with different factions and social orders. Upon finding Elizabeth, you learn she possesses a unique power while was taken in by the leader of the city. As a result, this FPS is a difficult challenge full of guards and followers of the ruler seeking to foil the plans of Booker.

#9 Batman Arkham Games

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (43)

Okay, I might be cheating here a bit by not just putting any one particular game on this list but I can’t help myself. Batman video games have been popular for years we’ve seen them come up in different console platforms in the past, but one development team, in particular, set the standard for the Dark Knight. Rocksteady Studios delivered fans with Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009. The video game put players in control of Batman as he hand delivers the Joker back into Arkham Asylum. However, his plans are foiled with Joker escapes, traps Batman within the facility, and unleashes its inhabitants.

The gameplay was fantastic with Batman having his assortment of gadgets and the melee combat that kept players dropping down, delivering a barrage of blows and timing the parries perfectly with the onscreen cues. This series continued with new storylines and adding more features into the mix whether it was opening up Arkham city or providing the infamous Batmobile. Unfortunately, not every Arkham game made it to the Xbox 360, for instance, Batman: Arkham Knight passed the console generation for what is currently last-generation platforms. However, there’s still a ton of great Batman video game content to go through.

#8 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (44)

Call of Duty, you all know about this franchise as it’s an IP that sees an annual release. However, for years the IP was known for delivering historical war games and primarily those games were based within World War II. That changed with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as it dropped the period-based war for what the title says, a more modern era approach. Now of course the game is a bit dated but this narrative put players in 2011 where civil war breaks out in Russia while battles brew within the Middle East.

This FPS also tweaked up the mechanics as the gameplay felt fast which has remained for the IP since then. Not to mention, the multiplayer was a huge hit with players picking up a copy just to enjoy the competitive scene online. Now the Call of Duty, as mention, thrives annually with players again picking the games up for the online multiplayer scene and blockbuster action-packed campaign narratives as well.

#7 Gears of War

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (45)

Gears of War is a pretty big exclusive IP for Microsoft and it all started back on the Xbox 360 platform. Players were diving into this third-person shooter that follows a narrative in which humanity is in a fight for survival after monsters known as Locust burst above ground. The game is set several years after the day Locus had overtaken the world and our protagonist, Marcus Fenix, is sitting in prison after being convicted for abandoning his military post. When things get too overbearing for the military, our protagonist is set free to once again aid in the battle.

This game is filled with over-the-top action and it was often credited for being one of the cover-based shooters to pave the way for other iconic titles in the marketplace. There are a few installments released on the Xbox 360 which we think are worth picking up but you can’t go wrong with this installment that started the IP.

#6 Halo 3

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (46)

Halo fans have been following the franchise since the original Microsoft Xbox and by the time Halo 3 was released, we were ready to jump onto the latest generation of console platforms. Fans were given another thrilling chapter that would help close out the storyline involving war with humanity, an alien race called the Covenant along with a deadly little parasite disease known as the Flood. Not only did fans dive into this game for the campaign, which allowed cooperative gameplay support, but there was a ton of care put into the competitive multiplayer scene.

Fans were given a wide range of multiplayer gameplay modes and even a map editor feature called the Forge. Here players could tweak their custom maps and game rules which had a big scene back in the day. While you can’t enjoy the online community anymore, players are still able to craft up their own unique maps and enjoy local multiplayer.

#5 Portal 2

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (47)

Portal was a big hit game that tossed players into a complex facility forcing you to solve a series of room puzzles. Where the game thrived was the fact that players were given a special portal gun that allowed them the ability to sync two holes together, which would grant a player to walk through the portal and teleport to wherever the secondary portal was set. Portal 2 enhanced this experience with even more puzzles and the addition of a secondary player option.

The puzzles continued to get harder with moving platforms, turrets that fired upon players on sight, and the need to move objects around the seemingly impossible room. It’s a short game once you know all the solutions, but if you haven’t played this game yet then it’s well worth checking out today.

#4 Red Dead Redemption

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (48)

Rockstar Games was known for the Grand Theft Auto franchise so when they announced Red Dead Redemption, most dubbed it as nothing more than a GTA clone. In a lot of ways, that’s true. Fans were trading in the upbeat city life for an old western that was full of interesting areas to explore and a narrative to keep us playing away. Players were stepping into the boots of John Marston, an outlaw turned good.

Unfortunately, the law eventually caught up with John and kidnapped his family in order for him to comply with their requests of bringing in his old gang. The storyline was full of ups and downs, not to mention that the world was just beautiful at the time. Visually the wild west never looked better and the development team added a new feature that provided real-time random events, something that would also bleed over into Grand Theft Auto V. Here players would stumble upon different optional quests such as stopping a thief or aiding a character from something like wildlife attacks.

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (49)

The Elder Scrolls is a long-running video game franchise and Bethesda delivered the latest mainline installment to the series back in 2011. However, the video game was such a massive hit that Bethesda continues to port this game to the latest console platforms today. Players dropped into this high fantasy world filled with all kinds of lore to dive into. At the start of the game players are crafting up their unique protagonist not only visually but their race and from there you’re just plopped into this world.

This is a massive world to explore, quests to take on, and factions pleading for your help. With that said, this title allows players to enjoy the game how they see fit. Whether you’re a careful assassin with a bow, a brute force tank with a slew of heavy two-handed weapons, or a combination of sorts using an ax on one hand while casting spells with the other, you’ll easily be able to craft up the perfect unique character with a series of skill unlocks or simply upgrading the necessary skills by repetition of use during the gameplay.

#2 BioShock

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (50)

The BioShock franchise was such a big deal when it had released into the marketplace. Players start the title after a plane crash leaves you stranded in the ocean where our protagonist finally makes his way to some underwater paradise. Unfortunately, something had given way during the history of this city leaving players battling against all kinds of mad hostile characters while also putting some trust into those you’ve never met before. This battle is a fight to reclaim your life back and resurface above, but it’s a long and dreary road you’ll need to go through before you’re able to cut ties with the Rapture.

If you haven’t played this game yet then it’s one not to pass up much longer. The franchise is so beloved and with three mainline installments readily available on the Xbox 360, you can go through the entire collection. For now, we’re still waiting on BioShock 4, so what better way to prepare for the next installment than by going through the first three classics starting with BioShock.

#1 Grand Theft Auto V

50 Best Xbox 360 Video Games To Play In 2021 - Gameranx (51)

Grand Theft Auto, with each new installment, comes a wave of newcomers to the franchise along with veteran fans. Rockstar Games always raises the bar with each new game and their latest mainline installment came out back on the Xbox 360 generation of video game consoles. The developers brought in Los Santos, a fictionalized city of Los Angeles where this time around players had three main characters to take control of at random points of the campaign narrative.

With a sprawling bustling city to explore, a ton of missions, and random events, there was a ton of anticipation for this game. Grand Theft Auto V held the record for the fastest-selling video game to break a billion dollars. It’s quite a feat and currently, this is the latest installment as we’re all still waiting on that fabled Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement at the time of writing this description.

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