60 Gorgeous Updos for Short Hair That Look Totally Stunning (2024)

Have you ever struggled to learn some updos for short hair? With so many gorgeous updo ideas available online, the strong majority are for long hair. This can be maddening for short-haired beauties, who deserve to have some hairstyle versatility just as much! Fortunately, there are plenty of updos for short hair – they just take a bit more effort and, in some cases, a lot more hair pins.

Fun and Lovely Updos for Short Hair

Check out these 60 images with brilliant ideas below when you’re looking for some seriously gorgeous short hair inspiration.

1. Short Messy Updo with Headband Braid

This lovely ‘do looks better on lighter hair, as you can see, but if you really like it, then don’t let your black hair hold you back, just get it. It’s ideal for a short bob. Start with a braided section that runs from your side parting to the other side. Style some large curls with a straightener, tousle them and set with hair spray. It’s one of the coolest updo styles for slightly longer hair. It can work both as a casual hairstyle for work or a formal ‘do for a special occasion.

2. Lacy Loose Messy Curls Updo

Loose messy curls are a go-to for many women, and styling them in an inverted updo is a different way to show them off. Style hair without previous combing to achieve this cute piece-y look. Pull strands back and make sure to secure the ends well so the spell isn’t broken.

3. Wavy Bob with Fishtail Braid

A bob with curls instantly looks more ‘done’. This one’s cute and easy! Curls and braids create a Princess-like look even for short hair. Make the ends of the braid melt into the curls, and this hairstyle can work well for any fancy event.

4. Smooth Bouffant Updo with Pinned Ends

Another example of a stunning bouffant, but with a less elevated crown. Super smooth and clean looking, it’s a perfect choice to sport for any formal occasion. A nice trick for the sleek finish is to comb baby hairs using a toothbrush that has hairspray on it.

5. Creative Updo for Short Bob Hair

Wear your straight pixie bob in one of the most popular faux updo hairstyles for short hair and spice it up with messy braids. The dark gray roots provide depth and contrast to silver lengths. The “bouffant” adds extra height to the crown section and creates the look of updo. The side-parted peek-a-boo bangs frame the face.

6. Cute Looped and Pinned Updo

Not all short hair updos lead to buns: pull strands back looping hair into whatever design you like and pin them down. This updo is a classier low gathered updo rendition. It’s also very versatile and can be worn for work and formal events as well.

7. Curly Bun with Braid for Shorter Hair

A perfect pair when creating girly updos for short hair? A braid and a bun! A French braid that feeds into a curly bun is ideal for shorter hair. If you are all about volume, a bouffant or a teased crown moves your updo to the next level. You can even style it for a formal occasion!

8. Old Hollywood Updo for Short Hair

Inspired by the 40s fashion, this twisted and pinned updo is an alternative of a bun for hair that lacks length. It’s a pretty look that is both simple and messy, but still very visually captivating.

9. Side Braid with Low Curly Bun

This updo has flair of a formal hairstyle but it can be used as a casual updo as well if you use less product and more of a messy texture. The tutorial is simple: braid a headband, starting from your side part, backcomb the crown section and pin the ends of your locks at the nape in a sort of a pretty bun. If your hair is straight, you will want to curl the ends before you pull them back.

10. Messy Bob with a Fishtail Braid

Put a twist on your short hair and wear it in a cute half up half down hairdo. The short wavy locks with a messy fishtail ooze a decidedly urban edge. The balayage highlights enhance it effortlessly.

11. Lovely French Roll for Bob Cut Hair

You don’t have to experiment dramatically with your haircut or hair color to come up with a fabulous hairstyle for your very short hair. Even this neat, cute updo can turn your regular straight bob into an incredibly fascinating ‘do.

12. Curly Low Bun for Short Hair

When you’re a busy woman on the run, you appreciate easy updos for short hair as they won’t take too much time to style in the morning. Whether your hair is thick or fine, a low bun is a classic way to wear it. Don’t worry about flyaways – that’s the idea of this purposely disheveled curly low bun.

13. Romantic Loose Curly Updo

A simple updo like this is a romantic option for your short wavy hair. Gather your waves at the nape into a bun, pin in place and leave a few loose tendrils. It’s a quick solution if you want to add the right feminine touch to any casual outfit.

14. Messy and Curly Tie-Up

This simple and casual updo is quick and easy DIY hairstyle for work or a date. It’s one of the updos for short hair which prove it doesn’t take much to turn your hair into a spectacular mess: some curls, a bit of hairspray and well-placed pins!

15. Wavy Bob with Two Side Braids

Sometimes, less is more. Quick hairstyles DIY can not only save your time, money and good mood, but they also have this air about them that’s effortlessly chic. Simply part your hair down the middle or to one side, curl it into big, loose waves, and add a couple of loose braids on the side of your preference.

16. Wavy Hairdo for Short Blunt Cut

When you’re looking for a quick and simple hairstyle for short hair, grab the curling iron and hairspray, and get creative. Curl your tresses and style them backward using an appropriate hair product, leaving a few locks in front. Hair that is shorter than shoulder length can still look creatively gorgeous!

17. Chic Undone Updo for Bob

Sometimes women don’t like to wear updos because they don’t feel like themselves with their hair up. However, there are many cute hairstyles for short hair that aren’t too ‘done’. A chic undone updo is an ideal choice for bobs, as it suits shorter strands and turns a messy finish to your advantage.

18. Short Hair Twisted Low Bun

This hairstyle is casual and elegant all at once! To create such a style, you just need a hair brush, a few bobby pins, and maybe some hair styling product to keep the final result longer. If your natural hair color is spiced up with blonde highlights, the updo will look even more dimensional and beautiful.

19. Teased, Twisted and Pinned Updo

Achieve the illusion of longer locks by getting a loosely pinned updo. Intricate and elegant, it’s appropriate for formal occasions and weddings held in any season. Looks modern and like you’ve put little effort into your look!

20. Loose Curly Formal Updo

Oozing glamor, this loose curly updo is inspired by the roaring ’20s. Excellent for a themed party or any fancy party, the key to this beauty is creating tight curls in the lower half of your hair, and setting with spray.

21. Textured Curly Updo for Short Hair

Curly and wavy hair can be easily styled into a chic and sexy updo for short hair. Use bobby pins to lift the curls and style individual pieces into a woven pattern that adds volume and texture to even the finest hair. The golden blonde balayage with dark brown roots brings extra depth and richness.

22. Messy Loose Updo for a Very Short Bob

By finger combing your sleek chin-length bob into an upswept hairdo for short hair, you can create an entirely new look that’s sexy and sophisticated. There’s a lot of height here, especially above the forehead, and the feathered locks throughout contribute to the sense of fullness. It’s an ideal updo for women with ultra-straight, fine hair.

23. Small Chignon with a Bouffant

Is there any updo more sophisticated than a chignon? Don’t underestimate the length requirements for this hairdo — it’s doable for shorter hair, too! If your hair is not long enough for a classic chignon, it may be compound, i.e. made of two parts and, therefore, looking like a higher sitting chignon.

24. Effortless Updo for Short Hair

Thin hair can create a beautiful, messy updo without putting much effort. For instance, to achieve this look, you should wave some locks and put all your hair to the back of your head, then twist it in a bun and pin it back. Looks really pretty, isn’t it?

25. Curly Blonde Updo for Short Hair

Cute updos for short hair may not take the shape of a low bun if there’s not enough length. You may simply curl your shorter layers and bring them together in the back of your head pinning in place. Tease and smooth up the top of your updo, styling a small bouffant for a more refined look.

26. Twisted Bouffant Updo for Short Hair

Nothing says formal better than a classic chignon updo. You may do one even on the base of your above-the-shoulder bob. Add some easy side twists. The top is teased just a bit to provide extra fullness and volume.

27. Neat and Elegant Low Bun

This style is ideal for those with short hair length and will work great for any event or gathering. Backcomb your hair on top a little bit and add some dry shampoo to the roots of your hair for extra volume. You can also release some face-framing tendrils and curl them with a curling iron to make this look more romantic.

28. Braided Faux Hawk

Finding cute hairstyles for short hair can be tricky, but creativity of hair enthusiasts knows no limits. This hairdo is a modern take on the braided Mohawk. When you don’t have enough length for a common Mohawk braid, make it from topsy tails. These don’t need long strands and can be linked together creating a cute voluminous braid that normally needs a decent length.

29. Bouffant Half Updo for Bob

Who would have thought you could make such a cool updo from short hair! It’s absolutely effortless-looking and creative.

30. Soft Curly Updo for Blondes

Easy updos for short hair, like soft curly updos, are tender and feminine! They’re a great idea if you’re looking for bridesmaids styles, as they accommodate all sorts of textures, and would look really pretty shown together in a range of different hair colors.

31. Artfully Disheveled Updo for Short Hair

This hairstyle is fairly easy to make with hair that is short, and it always looks wonderful. The strands are casually rolled into a beautiful messy undone updo, with a few pieces going their own way and falling out of the sides while looking absolutely careless. Such cute hairdos are rather easy and adorable for any occasion.

32. Stylish Updo for a Special Occasion

Some people wrongly believe updos are only for people with medium to long hair. But the truth is, you can style short hair into some of the most flattering updos in the blink of an eye! This chic updo, for example, can be achieved even without a hairstylist’s assistance. Just curl and twist small locks of hair into the back of your head and pin them down.

33. Loopy Faux Braid Updo

Easy hairstyles for short hair can look classic and very French too! The delicate loose braid is a fun and sweet take on the classic French roll. First tease the roots to create poufy and voluminous hair. Loop the shorter pieces around each other and pin in place hiding the ends and creating an illusion of a continuous messy braid.

34. Two-Toned French Roll

The classic French roll is created with a much shorter length than the one needed for this elegant updo. Tease the roots to gain a nice lift that will be visible in the front and back. Even a classic hairstyle can look like a creative updo with the right approach and custom hair color.

35. Wavy Hair with Crown Braid

If you want to make something more creative than a regular bun, pay attention to half updos for short hair. For example, this braided updo with wavy locks and highlights can become a perfect match for your bridesmaid dress or prom outfit.

36. Effortlessly Chic Low Bun Updo

Sometimes the right solution for short locks is something super simple and lovely, just like this fancy wavy updo. Curl your tresses just a little bit, gather your hair in a messy bun, and loop it with hairpins, and your hairdo is ready! Use some texturizing spray and spread the hair out with your fingers, and you’re good to go.

37. Loose Updo for Beach Waves in Short Hair

Skip heat styling and go the textured route with hairdos for short hair. Use natural texture or sea salt spray on damp hair to develop soft beach waves. This pretty updo is appropriate for semi-formal events — particularly the ones during warm seasons.

38. Elegant Hairstyle for Neck-Length Hair

It can be quite challenging to create an updo out of short fine hair. However, this photo proves you can make a fantastic braided low bun from your thin textured hair. This is a nice idea for women over 50 who want to pull off an elegant ‘do.

39. Loose Twist for Short Hair

This is a quick and exciting updo with a lot of character for short hair. Girls with a bob length can definitely pull it off. Play with twists trying to achieve a sensually undone feel. The blonde twist is a great hairstyle for a fun and relaxing walk in the park.

40. Textured Bun Updo for Shorter Hair

This fancy updo is an excellent compromise between a classy bun and a voluminous textured hairstyle. Use a generous amount of hair spray to add grip to the locks and set them in place, thus twist hair into a loose messy bun to make an impression of thicker hair.

41. Messy Knots and Side Undercut

As you can see, this is a lovely style to complement some of more unconventional personal touches, such as little back-of-the-neck tattoos and so on. To compose this creative and cute look, you need to use a lot of bobby pins and make the knots deliberately sloppy. The styling steps are so evident – no how-to instructions are needed.

42. Holiday Updo for Short Hair

Easy and extremely pretty on short hair, this sweet holiday look will work best on thin straight hair. Twist a center section, spray and secure. Repeat and tuck to finish off this style.

43. Sweet Knotted Updo

Like the three-bun twist, this hairstyle has the same idea, but takes things a bit more casual. Divide the hair into three low ponytails and then twist each section until the hair is twisted tightly enough to collapse upon itself. Pin in place and spray with setting spray.

44. Short Straight Hair Updo

This is how the ideal formal updo looks. Elegant, delicate, captivating – what else can you ask for? Plus, that gorgeous blend of brown and caramel highlights looks so charming people won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

45. Creative French Roll Idea

Ou la la! Take a French twist up a notch by varying the direction of sections on each side. This ‘do is extra remarkable on hair that is multi-toned, with highlights or balayage being displayed phenomenally.

46. Beautiful Twisted Bridesmaid Updo

Lovely and intricate, this hairstyle takes a bit of practice but looks really gorgeous as an updofor formal occasions. Try it on the second-day locks for greater control and ease of style. Decorate it with stylish hair accessories to make your hairdo even more eye-catching.

47. Boho Style Updo with Cute Twists

This hairdo, inspired by the popular boho style, is easy to do and maintain, plus it suits any outfit. To implement such a bohemian updo, you should twist two large chunks of hair on the sides to imitate the fishtail braids and pin them with a clip or a hairpin.

48. Romantic Updo for Bob Length

This beautiful, elegant ‘do can be achieved on short, straight hair. Of course, it can look lovely on curly hair, too. If your hair is straight, style it into springy curls, using a curling iron. Slightly backcomb on the crown. Sweep hair into a deep side part and then grab random sections and pin into place at the nape of the neck and above. Curl any wisps or strands that do not make it into the gathered pin.

49. Messy Chignon for Short Hair

When edgy and feminine come together – you may get a truly stylish look just like this eye-catching braided hairstyle. It gives your locks tons of texture and dimension thanks to messy styling and blonde highlights. If your hair isn’t long enough to get a full bun, this twisty updo with cute framing hair pieces is a good alternative.

50. Curly Chignon with a Bouffant

A pretty way to style lob length hair is in a curly chignon. If your hair is long enough to be pulled back smoothly, you can accomplish this ‘do. Focus on curling only the ends of the strands and tease the roots for a full, fancy look with a bouffant.

51. Pretty Simple Knot at the Nape

Again using the tricks of backcombing and tucking, this ‘do makes hair seem much thicker and longer than it really is. Add in a few curls with an iron to soften up the look.

52. Sophisticated Hairstyle for Mid-Length Hair

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for short hair, which comes out as one of the most nice-looking evening styles. To achieve this look, ask your hair stylist to curl your straight tresses and add a hair accessory to spice up this elegant medium short hair updo.

53. Voluminous Curly Updo for Short Hair

Just check the before-after picture of this gorgeous modern hairstyle for short hair! Elegant and stunning! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your elegant prom updo, this might be exactly what you need.

54. Elegant French Twist Look

With this gracious and sophisticated French twist, you will definitely be noticed wherever you go! Ask your hair stylist to decorate this style with pearls to add elegance and grace to your look.

55. Easy Tucked Updo

For this style, all you need to do is to section off the top layer of hair above the ears and secure it with a clear hair elastic. Gather the rest of the hair into a low ponytail, and then pass the end of the lower pony through the centre of the top section above the elastic. Pin it in place and you’re done!

56. Half Up Half Down Style for Short Hair

Half updo hairstyles are wonderful for short wavy hair for multiple reasons. They are very low-maintenance, easy to style, and add fantastic volume and texture to the locks. Connect two twisted strands taken from each side in the middle, and voilà – your magnificent half-up hairstyle is ready!

57. Gorgeous Half Up Style

This is a good example of a stunning half-up style for the ladies who don’t have the length for a full bun but want to bring more texture to their hair. To create such updos for short hair, you need to take pieces of hair on each side and pin them on the opposite side to create some kind of a loop. Add side bangs to make your hairdo softer and more elegant.

58. Asymmetrical Bob with Two Side Braids

Easy hairstyles for short hair can be simple and striking at the same time. Play up an asymmetrical bob with two side braids featuring precise parts. A chameleon style like this can be your saviour to events where you’re unsure about how casual or formal the dress code is.

59. Seductive Messy Bun for Short Hair

You don’t need too intricate ways to style your hair to look spectacular and seductive. Sometimes a little twist can do the trick! The short hair is loosely gathered, rolled and pinned at the nape, and a lot of loose strands are left to their own devices and allowed to play around the face. The subtle pink highlights add even more dimension to this look and visually emphasize the diversity of hues aptly blended for this cute shorter mane.

60. Cute Bouffant Updo for Short Hair

Create an updo out of a neck-length layered bob – sounds like an unattainable goal, doesn’t it? Yet, with the right technique, it may take you only 5 minutes to style your short hair in a chic updo like this one. More so, if you can boast of thick hair that will easily hide all the pins.

Gone are the days when short-haired girls were left out of all the hair styling fun. Instead, those with shoulder-length hair and even shorter can sport a wide variety of updos for short hair that look lovely, glam and completely planned out – even when sometimes they aren’t!

60 Gorgeous Updos for Short Hair That Look Totally Stunning (2024)
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