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    Name released of man shot and killed by Roanoke PoliceWDBJ7.com20 HOURS AGO

    Man Killed After Allegedly Threatening PoliceWDBJ 72 DAYS AGO

    Roanoke Officer-Involved Shooting 11 p.mWDBJ 71 DAY AGO


    Bedford County supervisors voted to fund schools as plannedBEDFORD, Va. (WSET) — The Bedford County Supervisors voted to fund schools as planned, almost $35,000,000, despite an increase in state funding for the schools. The state is giving the schools almost $1,090,000 above what leaders expected. On Monday, the board of supervisors considered cutting that same dollar amount...

    1 hour ago


    Cardinal NewsA grassroots effort seeks to turn a crumbling school building into a bustling community hubA circa-1930 school building in the Bedford County community of Montvale has largely fallen into disrepair. It will take years, and several million dollars, to bring it back to life.The post A grassroots effort seeks to turn a crumbling school building into a bustling community hub appeared first on Cardinal News.

    Montvale, VA1 day ago


    Bedford County Public Schools welcomes new superintendentBEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Bedford County School Board has chosen a new Superintendent to take the lead. On June 3, the school division announced William F. Dupere as the new superintendent of Bedford County Public Schools, effective July 1. This comes after Superintendent Dr. Marc Bergin announced...

    20 hours ago


    Three injured in crash on US-460 in Bedford CountyBEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR)—The Bedford Fire Department reports three people were hospitalized after a multi-vehicle crash on US-460 on Wednesday, June 5. Fire personnel were dispatched at 3:25 p.m. to US-460 near Magnolia Road for a multi-vehicle crash with entrapment. Crews found two vehicles that sustained heavy damage, one on the median and one over the guardrail with a passenger inside.

    5 days ago


    Firefighters extinguish building fire in MonetaMONETA, Va. (WDBJ) - Firefighters of the Moneta Volunteer Fire Department extinguished a building fire Sunday, June 9. Moneta Volunteer Fire Department responded to a building fire on the 1000 block of Preston Mill Road, according to firefighters. Water supply was provided to extinguish the fire, according to firefighters. The...

    Moneta, VA1 day ago



    D-Day Memorial concludes 80th anniversary with historic chapel serviceBEDFORD, Va. (WSET) — Music and melodies sifted through the National D-Day Memorial on Sunday, as they wrapped up their 80th anniversary commemorations. They held a chapel service titled 'Soldiers and Sailors at Worship,' transporting folks back to 1944, before Operation Overlord. It gave them a glimpse of how...

    Bedford, VA1 day ago



    Free meal options available for children and families in various school districts in our regionROANOKE, Va. – Several schools are working to ensure kids get breakfast and lunch during the summertime. Bedford County Public Schools is providing free meals for children under 18 years old starting July 1. They will be available at eight locations, including Bedford Elementary and Liberty Middle School. Families in Bedford County will also receive $120 EBT cards to buy food.

    1 day ago


    Home heavily damage after residential fire in AltavistaALTAVISTA, Va. (WFXR)– The Altavista Fire Company reports a home sustained heavy fire and smoke damage after flames broke out at a residence on Halseys Bridge Road on Sunday, June 9. According to the fire department, crews were dispatched to the scene just after midnight on a reported structure...

    Altavista, VA1 day ago


    WAVY News 10

    Bedford still healing after D-Day loss of 20 young menBedford, Virginia, is a small town of fewer than 7,000 people nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As in many small towns in the 1940s, the corner drugstore was the place to be. But on July 17, 1944, it was the spot where everything changed in a matter of minutes.

    Bedford, VA5 days ago



    Lynchburg Hillcats to honor Bedford Boys with tribute jerseyLYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — The Lynchburg Hillcats have found a unique way to honor those who fought and made sacrifices in the D-Day Storming of Normandy 80 years ago. The Hillcats created a tribute jersey honoring the Bedford Boys that will be worn during their baseball games on July 4 and August 3.

    Lynchburg, VA2 days ago



    ‘We have casualties...’: The making of the Bedford Boys documentaryBEDFORD, Va. – We can’t talk about D-Day without talking about the Bedford Boys, the many who lost their lives on that fateful day. That’s how news spread through a telegraph that the Bedford Boys had died. Now, those words are being used again, as the title of a new documentary called “We have casualties...” that tells the story of their tragic journey.

    Bedford, VA4 days ago



    One taken to the hospital after accident on Blessed Mountain Road, Bedford fire crews sayBEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WSET) — The Bedford Fire Department said there was a motor vehicle accident that sent one person to the hospital on Monday. Company 1 was dispatched to the 1000 block of Blessed Mountain Road for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment, firefighters said. According to firefighters,...

    Bedford, VA5 days ago



    Veteran's daughter attends D-Day memorial to reconnect with father's friend's familyBEDFORD, Va. (WSET) — Veterans and their families packed the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford on Thursday, for an 80th anniversary ceremony. Sandra Griffin, the daughter of a World War II and D-Day veteran was one of over a thousand in attendance, but she was on a special mission. She's hoping to find the family of Les Ebert, her dad's best friend.

    Bedford, VA4 days ago



    Possibly the most important forecast ever verified 80 years ago todayBEDFORD, Va. (WSET) — If the weather had cooperated - we would have commemorated this day yesterday, June 5, which was the planned date for D-Day. But the weather conditions on the notoriously fickle English Channel on that day were too bad to launch the mission. Allied forecasters had...

    Bedford, VA4 days ago



    Bedford Boys Tribute Center seeks to purchase Green's Drug StoreBEDFORD, Va. – The reason the Overlord Arch and all the rest of the D-Day Memorial is in Bedford is because of the Bedford Boys — the 19 men who were killed on D-Day, making the small town the place with the highest per capita losses on D-Day. And thanks to an unusual set of circ*mstances, we continue to learn more and more about those men.

    Bedford, VA4 days ago


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