Best Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (2024)

Are you also worried about your hairy legs? No Problem, we are here to help you. Most of us are tired of waxing sessions. For this purpose, our team did the research to find the Best Epilator for legs and solve your hairy legs problem forever.

We all know that the market is full of Razors, shavers, and epilators. It is always difficult to choose the right one. That’s the reason, epilator hub made a list of best ones.

Find out Best Epilators for the face if you’re also looking for facial fuzz problems solution.

Let’s dig in,

Most of us are tired of long reviews of products. To overcome this, below are the top picks by our team!

Table of Contents

  • Top Picks
  • Best Epilator For Legs
    • 1. Braun Silk Epil 5 5-890
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 2. Panasonic ES ED-90
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 3. Remington Essential Epilator EP7010
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 4. Cordless Women Epilator – Best for Arms and Legs
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 5. Kibby 3-in-1 Epilator
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 6. Philips Satinelle Essential BRE 235
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
  • Buyer’s Guide:
    • Epilation Head and number of Tweezers
    • Speed Settings
    • Pivoting Head
    • Wet and Dry Model
    • Corded or Cordless
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Conclusion:

Top Picks



Best Epilator For Legs

We found out that epilators are the best of hair removal. They are more precise and have long-lasting results. Well, some people might not agree with this due to their own choices. Let’s move on towards the Best Epilators for Legs reviews list.





Braun Silk Epil 5 5-890



Panasonic ES-ED90-P



Remington Smooth & Silky EP7010E



Cordless Epilator for Legs and Arms



Kibiy 3 IN 1

Both Corded & Cordless


Philips Satinelle Essential BRE235

Corded Only


1. Braun Silk Epil 5 5-890 Best Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (3)

Well, it is an older model from the Braun Silk Epil family but believe me, it makes it to our best epilator for legs list for all the good reasons.

It is an ergonomically designed, beautiful blue and white-colored epilator that comes with 5 attachments and plenty of useful features.

So without further ado, let’s dig in.


  • 40 Tweezers Epilator Head
  • SensoSmart Technology
  • Dry & Wet Use
  • Shaver & Trimmer Head


  • Cordless Use only
  • May leave behind very fine hairs

Key Features

Many tweezers

It is equipped with 40 micro grip tweezers that remove pluck off hairs really well leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Senso Smart Technology

It comes with a Senso Smart Technology that helps you use your device rightly by allowing you to put the right amount of pressure while using it. For the purpose, it has a red light on it.

Pivoting Head

Its pivoting head makes it more amazing as it follows the contours of your body and picks up hairs efficiently.

Massage Rollers

The massage rollers gently stimulate your skin which reduces the discomfort while you are yanking hairs out.

Water Proof

It is a waterproof machine that is washable and also you can take it in a shower or bathtub so that you may feel a little less pain than using it dry.

Shaver & Trimmer

It can be used as a shaver or trimmer by switching the epilation head with a shaver head. If your hairs are longer then you better trim them down first and then epilate. Also if you are in a mood to shave certain areas you don’t have to get a separate device for that purpose.

Dual Speed Settings

It gives you a choice between two-speed settings that can be adjusted as per your convenience.


It is a rechargeable device that can hold a charge for 30 minutes after one hour of charging.

Skin Contact Cap

It comes with a Skin Contact Cap that allows you to press against your skin for maximum and smooth hair removal.

Performance Review

It is an excellent epilator that does justice with its job. It picks up hairs quite well. Though it sometimes leaves behind very fine hairs that are not a deal-breaker. You will truly feel smoother legs after using this. What about pain? Well, of course, you will feel pain but trust me it’s bearable and with time it won’t bother you. The best thing is you can use it in a warm shower so that you may not feel much of a discomfort.

2. Panasonic ES ED-90 Best Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (4)

If you are afraid of epilation because of the pain it gives then check this one out. This is one of the least painful epilators available in the market.

It is a full-body epilator that can be used not only in sensitive areas but also on legs and arms. It is an ergonomically designed oval-shaped epilator that beautifully fits in your hand.

Moreover, it is light and compact that can be taken anywhere while traveling. It brings along 6 attachments to make it versatile.

So let’s get down to it.


  • Less Pain Giving
  • Efficient Epilation Experience
  • Two different sized epilation heads
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Shaver and trimmer
  • Foot Care Head


  • Can’t Use while Plugged In
  • Leaves very fine hairs
  • Short battery life

Key Features

Number of Tweezers

It has 48 metal tweezers arranged on dual discs to ensure efficient hair removal. It is effective on both thick and thin hairs but, yes you may require several swipes on stubborn hairs.

Two Epilation Heads

It comes with two epilation heads. One is a large dual disc epilation head that is equipped with 48 tweezers and the other one is small with a lesser number of tweezers. Small epilation head is designed to be used in smaller areas and the large one is to be used on larger areas such as arms and legs.

Gentle Epilation Cap

It includes a gentle epilation cap that will cover half of the tweezers so that a lesser number of tweezers are in contact with the skin. If you are new to epilation or cannot bear pain then you may like this attachment.

Dry & Wet Use

It is a 100% percent waterproof epilator that can be used both in dry and wet conditions. Using an epilator in warm water makes it less painful though dry epilation is far more effective.

Shaver Head with Bikini Comb

It also has a shaver head with hypoallergenic blades and protective foil that makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Shaver head along with a bikini comb can be used not only on bikini areas but anywhere on the body for trimming long hairs short before epilation.

Foot Care Head

It also has a foot filing head that has a pumice stone that rotates faster to remove dead skin and calluses from feet. You can clearly see the dead skin coming off.

In-Built LED Light

It holds an in Built LED light that helps in making it easy to see hairs such as blonde or very fine hairs more visible.

Dual Speed Modes

With its dual speed adjustment options, it allows you to set the speed according to your comfort and ease.

Cordless Use

It is a rechargeable device that makes it capable of using it as a cordless epilator. It holds the charge for 30 minutes after one hour of charging.

Performance Review

The tweezers are capable of grabbing the hairs firmly and pull them outright from the roots. The pivoting head helps in reaching the tricky parts and swiftly glides over the body. Some of the stubborn hairs may ask for multiple swipes but overall it’s an efficient epilator.

Without any lie, it is indeed a less painful epilator as compared to many others and to reduce the discomfort you can use it under warm water. If your pain endurance is low then we will recommend you to get this one.

3. Remington Essential Epilator EP7010 Best Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (5)

It’s one of the best epilators that can be used anywhere on your body giving you smooth silky skin as evident by its name. It is a cute small-sized epilator that is easy to handle. You know what, it’s an efficient epilator that is also easy on its pocket.

Wanna know more? Let’s go!


  • 40 Tweezers
  • Perfect Angled Cap
  • Dry & Wet Use
  • Powerful epilator
  • Dual Speed Settings


  • Not Rechargeable
  • No Extra Attachments
  • Louder
  • Maybe Painful

Key Features

More Tweezers

40 tweezers are arranged on its epilation head for fast and effective hair removal. This grabs hairs from the roots and blesses your skin with a nice smooth finish.

Perfect Angled Cap

Its perfect angle cap ensures that the tweezers pick up and pulls out even the finest hairs ensuring neat and silky smooth skin.

Corded Use

This epilator can be used while plugged in only. A constant supply of power makes it a fast and powerful hair removal device.

Two-Speed Settings

It comes with personalized speed options that means you can set the speed according to your comfort or texture of hairs. You may set the epilator at higher speed for coarse hairs and at medium speed for thin hairs.


This is a 100% waterproof epilator that can be used under warm water for comfortable epilation. But note that, it is always better to use epilator dry for a better hair removal experience.

Performance Review

Good choice at a reasonable price. Yank hairs right from the roots and with time hairs get thin in texture. You may require a few passes on stubborn hairs or it breaks coarser hairs sometimes but overall it does its job nicely. Pain is synonymous with epilation and this too is painful but after using it several times you will get used to it. If you cannot tolerate pain then use it wet.

4. Cordless Women EpilatorBest for Arms and LegsBest Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (6)

If you don’t want to put a burden on your wallet and are looking for an epilator that gives you neat and smooth skin then check this one out.

Though this is one of the cheapest epilators available in the market but also at the same time this small oval-shaped epilator is without any doubt is one of the best epilators for legs.

What does it have to offer? Here we go.


  • Efficient tweezing of hairs
  • Reasonable Price
  • Portable and Travel Friendly
  • Cordless
  • In-built LED Light


  • Less Number of Tweezers
  • Dry Use only
  • No extra attachments

Key Features

Several Tweezers

For tweezing hairs, 18 tweezers are arranged on its head that pulls off hairs right from the roots ensuring smooth and tidy skin.

Smart LED Light

An in-built LED Light is installed so that you can easily see the fine and light hairs which otherwise can be missed. This illuminates the hairs that come in a way of epilation head while depilation.


It is a rechargeable device that makes it more comfortable to use as you don’t have to sit in one place as is the case with corded models.

Dry Use Only

Beware! It’s not a 100% waterproof epilator that means you are bound to use it in dry conditions only and cannot take it in shower or bathtub with you.

Washable Epilation-Head

Though it is not a fully waterproof epilator but to ensure hygiene you can wash the head under running water.

Portable & Travel Friendly

Being cordless or its small size are not the only things that make it suitable for travel but another significant feature is that it brings along a USB Rechargeable Cable. Thus you can charge it anywhere with a power bank, Computer, or car charger.

Personalized Speed Settings

Its Dual Speed Setting options give you the freedom to set the speed in accordance with your requirement or comfort. If you are a beginner you may love to start at a slower speed and move to higher speed later on.

Performance Review

Though the number of tweezers is not huge as compared to many of the competitors but trust me this one works well on arms and legs. At such a cheaper price this is a surprisingly excellent epilator that removes hair by plucking them out of roots and is good on both thin and coarse hairs. On some of the stubborn hairs, you may need to swipe it several times but overall it’s a good buy. It pulls off hairs from the roots so definitely it will hurt but the pain is worth the result it gives.

5. Kibby 3-in-1 EpilatorBest Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (7)

Kibby 3-in-1 Epilator is another product that successfully made its way to the best epilators for the legs list. It is one efficient epilator cum electric shaver in economical price which can be used anywhere on the body.

That’s not all, it also has a foot buffer that means you are getting yourself a multi-functionary device at quite a reasonable price.

So let’s get down to it.


  • 3-in-1 device for Epilating, shaving, and pedicure
  • 30 tweezers, dual opposed head
  • Both Corded and Cordless Use
  • Pivoting Head
  • Built-In light


  • Long Charging Time
  • May require several passes for very fine hairs

Key Features

Dual Opposed Heads

It has 30 tweezers that are arranged on dual opposed heads which rotates in opposite directions resultantly gives you a fast and effective depilation experience.

Shaver Head

It is not only an epilator but also works as a complete electric shaver by just swapping the epilation head with the shaver head. The shaver head consists of sharp hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and a floating foil head that makes it an efficient shaver that gives a close shave. This can be used for shaving on any part of the body just as the epilator head.

Pivoting Head

The pivoting head makes it easy to maneuver and follow all the contours of your body so that no area is left out.

Pedicure Foot File

It comes with an excellent attachment that is to remove the calluses and dead skin from your feet. It is made up of double quartz sand rollers that rotate at a fast speed giving you silky smooth and soft skin.

Built-In Light

It has a built-in LED light that illuminates the tiny and hard to see hairs so that you can track them down and ensure a thorough neat hair removal session.

Corded & Cordless

One of the significant features is that it can be used as both corded and cordless epilator. Thus even if your device runs out of a battery you can still continue the epilation process by plugging in the device.

Two Speed Settings

The Speed can be adjusted as per the type of hair or your ease. It gives you the liberty to set it at higher or lower speeds.

Performance Review

At a pretty reasonable price, it is a good product that perfectly does justice with everything it is meant for. As an epilator, it works efficiently by plucking hairs outright from the roots. You may need several passes on stubborn hairs but in less time you will feel to have smooth flawless legs.

The pivoting head made the epilation easier. The shaver head gives a nice close shave and can do best for both men and women. Pedicure foot file truly helps you in getting rid of dry and dead skin. In short, it is an excellent multi-use device!

6. Philips Satinelle Essential BRE 235 Best Epilator For Legs - Unbiased Reviews and Buyer's Guide (8)

Here we come to the last product of our Best epilator for legs list and that’s the Philips Satinelle Essential BRE235 Epilator which is a small and compact but powerful epilator.

It has a round shape with an ergonomically designed body. Without much of the additional attachments, it’s a simple product that is designed specifically for the epilation purpose.

Let’s dig a little deeper.


  • Efficient Epilation System
  • Ergonomic and powerful
  • Washable Epilation Head
  • Dual Speed Options


  • Not Rechargeable
  • Dry Use only
  • No shaver or Trimmer Head
  • Less additional attachments

Key Features

Efficient Epilation System

With its efficient epilation system, Philips claims that it can pluck out hairs as tiny as 0.5mm length right from its root and grants you a smooth hairless skin.

Washable Epilation Head

To ensure hygiene and minimize the chances of any kind of skin irritation that can occur because of poor hygiene, the epilation head is washable. You can wash only the head underwater but remember the device is not fully waterproof.

Sensitive area cap

To use it in smaller sensitive areas where more precision is required, it brings along a sensitive area cap. All you have to do is to put the cap on the epilation head so that only a limited number of tweezers are exposed.

Two Speed Options

Like many of the epilators, it also gives you the freedom to experience the epilation according to your own comfort level. Also, the speed can be adjusted to fast or slow in accordance with the type of hair it is in contact with.

Corded Only

It is a corded epilator that can only be used while plugged in and is not rechargeable. Being corded makes it a powerful epilator as a constant power supply ensures fast and efficient running of the device.

For Dry Use

Obviously you can not use it in shower or bathtub because of its being a corded epilator.

Performance Review

If getting a rechargeable epilator is not your main preference and you are not fascinated by a number of additional attachments then trust me this is one really powerful epilator. This efficiently does the job but only if you use it rightly by keeping it at 90 degrees and don’t be in a hurry to run it fastly over the body. It is truly the best epilator at a much lesser price. Yes, it is painful but pain and epilation go side by side. Isn’t it so?

Buyer’s Guide:

You will come across plenty of options when you decide to buy an epilator and of course, it is not an easy job to choose the one you need from the unlimited models available. It is wise to know beforehand what area you mainly need an epilator for and what are the features that will do best for that specific job.


Whenever you are looking for an epilator to be used especially on legs then you are supposed to check some of the features given below:

Epilation Head and number of Tweezers

The best epilator for legs can be the one with a wide epilation head and a large number of tweezers. Patently an epilator with a larger epilation head will have more number of tweezers. Legs have a large surface area and it requires an epilator that can remove more hair in less time thus a wide epilation head will cover more surface area and more tweezers mean more tweezing of hairs in fewer passes.

Speed Settings

Every individual has a different level of pain endurance and textures of hairs. So it is always recommended that you get your hands on a product that can give you the liberty to control the epilation speed as per your convenience and the needs of your skin or hair type.

Pivoting Head

Besides a large epilating head, you should also look for a head that is flexible enough so that it can glide over your body smoothly and can follow the contours of your body.

Wet and Dry Model

Using an epilator in a warm shower can make the process a little less painful as the warm water will open up the pores and will soften the hairs. Also, you can use a shower gel or foam to swiftly maneuver the epilator on skin. So it is better to get your hand on a model that can work I both dry and wet conditions.

Corded or Cordless

Legs have a large surface area and it requires an epilator that can work longer and is powerful. The corded epilators are usually more powerful than that of rechargeable models or the ones with disposable batteries. It is always best to have a powerful corded epilator for legs.
Though with a corded epilator you don’t have to worry about the running out of battery. The downside is you can not take it in the shower.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: 1 Which epilator is best for legs?

Braun Silk Epil 5 5-890 and Panasonic ES ED-90 are the best ones if you can afford it. Otherwise, Remington EP 1070 is the Budget Epilator.

Q: 2 How long does epilation last on legs?

Maximum four weeks. Epilation lasts very long as compared to waxing and other hair removal processes.

Q: 3 Does epilation reduce Strawberry legs?

Yes, It reduces it. Many users don’t complain about this issue while using epilators. But if you’re a beginner it might not reduce it.


Okay, So that’s all. We did our best to help you out in selecting the Best leg epilator for you. Still, if you can’t help yourself in deciding the one. Don’t worry, because we suggest you buy the Braun Silk Epil 5-890if you’re not tight on a budget otherwise buy the Remington EP-7010 to make your legs silky smooth.

Move on towards Bikini line epilators, If you’re looking for it.

Don’t go before giving us the feedback in the comment section. Thank You !!

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