From Earthy Brown To Olive Green, 9 French Tip Nail Ideas Trending For Fall (2024)

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There’s a reason why the French manicure is one of the most enduring nail art styles around: the minimal color palette and instantly-recognizable white tip are timeless and enduringly chic. However, now that autumn has arrived, a new season provides the perfect opportunity to revamp this classic trend for the months ahead. From earthy neutrals and russet reds to gleaming golds and moody metallics, a new wave of colorful French tips are dominating salons right now.

So we spoke to some of the best nail artists in the business to fill us in on the coolest colorful French tip nail ideas for autumn and how to recreate them at home.


Fiery red

Described as an excitement-inducing “sexy and sensual” shade in Pantone’s autumn/winter 2023-2024 trend report, fiery red is going to be everywhere this autumn. “It’s set to be the ‘it’ shade of the season,” agrees session manicurist Ami Streets, “and it’s so easy to translate this color into a fashion-forward nail look by incorporating it into a chic French tip.”

To get the look at home, Ami suggests Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Pirate, $32. “It’s a rich, classic color that will suit everyone,” says Ami. Take inspiration from Alexandra Teleki aka The Hot Blend on Instagram.

Mocha moment

The influence of this summer’s viral latte makeup trend can be seen taking hold of nail art for autumn, with coffee-inspired shades set to be some of the biggest French tip colors of the season. “Think warm, chocolatey browns and shades reminiscent of warm lattes or autumn leaves,” describes Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse. “They complement the season’s cozy vibes and work well for both day and night looks, so it’s a very versatile color choice.” Take cue from nail artist Amy Le on Instagram. Try Manucurist Nail Polish in Chestnut, £14, for a warm, deep brown or Peacci Nail Polish in the aptly-named Latte, £10, for a milkier take on the trend.


Pumpkin orange

Halloween-inspired nail art is everywhere right now, but this nod to the holiday will work way beyond 31st October. “Deep oranges make a fun twist on the classic French tip,” says nail pro Samantha Rose, “and adding metallic accents, like a gold swirl or the stars in my Halloween nails, is perfect for this time of year.”

Like nail artist Samantha Rose, seek out orange shades with a warm terracotta base, rather than a lucid neon, to keep this feeling autumnal. Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure Nail Polish in Carrot Cake, $7.49, is perfect.

Molten silver

Metallics tend to dominate the nail art scene every year as we move towards party season, but this autumn it’s silver in particular that is proving popular when it comes to French tips. “This metallic silver shade takes its inspiration from street style right now and the move towards silver jewelry and metallic accessories,” explains Ami, like this look by Imarni on Instagram. “It’s super versatile, can be paired with any color, and adds so much interest and dimension to a manicure.”

Sephora Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in Engagement Ring, $8, provides an impressively expensive-looking, glossy metallic finish for the affordable price.

Red burgundy

If wearing a dark color all over your nails feels too bold for autumn, then a colorful French tip provides the perfect entryway to a more dramatic color palette, like these nails by Amy Le. “Most colors look great as a French tip, but in particular I love deep red hues,” explains nail artist and OPI global ambassador Iram Shelton. Think cherry cola or rich merlots rather than bright pillar-box reds for this look. To recreate this at home, Iram recommends OPI Nail Lacquer in Chick Flick Cherry, $9.85. “It’s something I’ve worn on my nails recently and I’ve never received so many compliments,” says Iram.

Alpine green

Green always emerges as a popular nail color for autumn, with shades like olive and emerald leading the pack when it comes to most-requested shades in salons. However, this slightly brighter, fresher take on green — we're calling it alpine — has been cropping up on our feeds a lot and it's set to take off for autumn.Just look to these nails by digital creator Lauren on Instagram. Mavala’s Nail Polish in Copenhagen, $19.99, is a lively forest green that will help you recreate this look at home.


Onyx shine

In direct contrast to the classic white of a traditional French manicure, glossy black tips are going to be huge this autumn. Take inspiration from this manicure by Sadie J Nails. “Black is a fantastic choice for those who prefer a more edgy and modern style,” says Juanita. “The color perfectly complements autumn’s darker color palette.” Opt for glossy, lacquered polishes for a really shiny finish. Essie Nail Color in Licorice, $8, is always a firm favorite among nail professionals.

Transitional tips

The palette for an autumnal take on colorful French tips is so wide and varied, that taking a mis-matched approach to the trend makes perfect sense. “I think a colorful French is the perfect transition from summer into autumn as it remains light and chic, but adds a touch of autumn/winter on the tip,” explains nail artist Jaz Moger. “Opt for burnt oranges, rich browns and deep greens, or go for a mixture of them all,” like this manicure by nail artist Franci.

Olive green

To add playfulness to your French tips for autumn, nail artist Sadie Jordan suggests looking for hues that feel slightly off-kilter and unexpected, like this yellow-tinged olive green color. “Woody browns, burnt oranges, muted teals or mustard yellows are a fun way to inject some color into your look this season,” explains Sadie.

Olive & June in WKF, $9 is an unusual sage hue that’s perfect for autumn.

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From Earthy Brown To Olive Green, 9 French Tip Nail Ideas Trending For Fall (2024)
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