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Why invest in hair styling? Because hair is the one thing you wear everyday

There’s a reason people say ‘a bad hair day equals a bad day’. Hair is so personal that it is often described as a representation of our identity. It is an important and unique part of our appearance, and one that many people take pride in getting right. But styling hair is an art in itself, as evidenced by the fact that the average person spends approximately 50,000 dollars on hair styling during their lifetime! When you’re not a professional hair stylist, it can be tricky to know where to start. The first step is knowing how to manage your own hair texture, length and thickness. Luckily, there are several products you can use to experiment, from hair wax and hairspray to hair volumizer and hair mousse, when you want to style your hair from home.

Hair gels, hair waxes, styling gel, grooming cream, hairspray, hair clay, moulding clay, styling cream, leave-in mist, dry shampoo, styling cream, hair volume spray, sea spray... Scared and confused yet? We can see why but fear not - hair styling isn’t as overwhelming as it might seem. Once you get down to it, you’ll find that most products offer similar results with slightly different textures and ingredients to best suit your needs. Let us fill you in:

Hair wax

Whether you’re going for the sexy dishevelled look, or a cleaner, polished style, hair wax will help you to keep every hair in place. And you don’t have to worry about it looking greasy or feeling gunky, as most formulas are specifically designed to be lightweight but long-lasting. Depending on your hair type, you may want to opt for a ‘wet’ hair wax (for a glossy look) or a ‘dry’ hair wax (for a soft, fluffier look). Hair wax is best used on short hair with the prime purpose of adding control. Whether you’re slicking your hair back, pushing it forward, or just adding a little body to your usual ‘do, make sure you pick a high-quality hair wax. Hanz De f*cko boast a range of effective waxes to suit short hair. The Sponge Wax uses all-natural ingredients to separate hair strands for total control. The lightweight formula combines the pliability of pomade and the staying power of gel. Alternatively, you might consider the Hybridized Wax which is water-based to maintain hold without appearing greasy. Custom-blended polymers improve the texture of your hair while allowing for inventive, edgy styles.

Hair mist

Who doesn’t love that freshly washed hair smell? Just like body mist or perfume, hair mist exists for one reason – to freshen up your hair. As a bonus, these hair fragrance sprays often contain enriching vitamins to help strengthen and protect your locks. So spritz away Leave-in mists are best used after shampoo but before styling products. Their primary purpose is to nourish and rehydrate hair that’s been damaged by natural aggressors or styling damage. Add a leave-in mist to your hair care routine to nourish your barnet without any extra effort on your part: simply spritz it in and wash it off the next morning. The Leave-In Mist from VERB boasts a multi-tasking formula that detangles, nourishes and reduces frizz.

Hair Spray

If you’ve spent ages styling your hair, the last thing you want is for that hard work to go to waste. Hairspray is the perfect product to give you that desired hold without sticking all your hair strands together in a gunky mess. Opt for light, medium, strong or ultra-strong hold, depending on how much movement you want your hair to have when you’re done. Until recently, hair sprays were widely considered an old-fashioned option for the older man. Now they’re back and better than ever. Using innovative technology, these male hair styling products are effective and easy to use. The Grooming Spray from American Crew is essential for fine, static-prone or grey hair. The formula crafts healthy, shiny results when applied to wet hair. For a lighter look, we’d recommend Sea Spray by VERB. This formula uses natural quinoa protein and sunflower oil to recreate the tousled look of hair that’s been styled by the sun and ocean. For a solution somewhere between the two, the Hair Volume Spray by VERB provides a soft, touchable day look that isn’t stiff or crunchy.

Hair gel

Hair gel - there’s no confusion with this one, right? The most popular male grooming product is best known for its strong hold and wet look. This doesn’t suit every man’s style and some prefer a more natural-looking finish. However, for strength and control, there are few products which can rival the hold of styling gel. The American Crew products boast the ultimate staying power with their range of Firm Hold Styling Gels. The Regular version is best suited for rock-solid styles while the Light product replicates the natural appearance of hair wax, only with a firmer hold.

Hair cream

To control frizz and reduce flyaways, grooming creams are perfect for those with naturally unruly hair. Tame your look with a styling cream from the Sephora Collection. The Grooming Cream by American Crew is designed to smooth straight hair and soften curly and wavy hair. Alternatively, why not opt for the lightweight texture of the VERB Styling Cream appeal? It does exactly what it says on the tin whilst moisturising the hair and scalp.

Hair clay

For a stylish, tousled look, invest in a hair clay. The American Crew Molding Clay won’t create dramatic styles but it will perfect that surfer look with ease. Rub it through your barnet for the ultimate tousled look. Another tempting option is VERB Sculpting Clay. This pomade boasts a medium hold, natural texture and the pliability to re-shape your look throughout the day. Hydrolyzed keratin and sunflower seed extract are at the heart of the innovative formula.

Hair volumizer

If you want to temporarily add volume, bounce and shine to thin, flat hair, then hair volumizer will be your new best friend! These innovative products combine ingredients and molecule-based technology to give each strand of hair a little lift, while restricting the production of oily sebums that can weigh it down.

Hair shine

It’s not always easy to maintain a sleek, glossy mane, especially if you use heated products like curlers, straighteners and blow dryers, which can dry out and damage hair. Hair shine products can add natural-looking glossiness by hydrating your hair from roots to ends. Best of all, there are tons of options out there you can try, including hair shine spray, hair mist, shampoo, conditioner and hair cream.

Hair mousse

Hair mousse is all about giving you more volume, hold and definition. And it’s not just for curly hair! You can add it before blow drying for extra bounce and shine. Best of all, a little goes a long way – just massage a small blob into your roots and then run your fingers through your tresses.


Best used for slicked-back styles, pomade is a waxy substance that will make your hair look extra-shiny and sleek. It won’t dry after application, so its effects will last all day. It’s also a popular choice in professional barber shops.

Hair repair

Hair repair is an important part of haircare, as so much styling can lead to damage and hair breakage! From shampoos and conditioners to masks, creams and sprays, there are loads of products out there to help you take care of your tresses and undo any damage caused by heat or colouring products.

Hair Styling Products | Sephora Australia (2024)
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