The Last Of Us 2 Cast Dina (2023)

1. The Last Of Us Show Fans Are Freaking Out About Dina Right Now

  • Feb 21, 2023 · The girl in question is credited as “staring girl” and is played by Paolina van Kleef. According to her IMDb profile, van Kleef has appeared in ...

  • Could Ellie’s future girlfriend have made an appearance in the Jackson episode?

2. Dina | The Last of Us Wiki - Fandom

  • Biography · Design and appearance · Quotes · Gallery

  • Dina is the deuteragonist of Ellie's story in The Last of Us Part II. She is Ellie's partner and assists her in her quest for revenge. Dina was orphaned at a young age, leading her older sister, Talia to raise her. At some point prior to 2033, Dina moved to Jackson, Wyoming, and joined the community under the leadership of Maria. During their trip to Seattle, Dina told Ellie her first kill was when she was ten, stabbing a man who tried to attack her mother. She also became acquainted with Jesse,

3. Was That A Dina Cameo In 'The Last Of Us'? Here's The Actress - Forbes

  • Feb 19, 2023 · So, here's the digging I've come up with. The actress listed in the credits as “staring girl” is Paolina van Kleef. She is in two episode of The ...

  • Here's who probably is playing Dina in The Last of Us, which may be more than a tiny cameo this season.

4. Last Of Us 2 | Who Is Dina - Voice Actor & Profile - GameWith

  • Aug 21, 2022 · Dina is voiced by Shannon Woodward, an actress known for her roles in TV series and sitcoms such as Westworld and Raising Hope. Dina - Story & ...

  • Check out this guide about Dina in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU2)! Get to know the character's voice actor & model, appearance in the story, role, biography, and more!

5. Last Of Us 2: Dina's Face Model Reacts Adorably To Seeing Her In ...

  • Aug 26, 2020 · The face model behind The Last of Us Part II's Dina, Cascina Caradonna, has the most adorable reaction to seeing her face on screen.

  • Cascina Caradonna was playing the game on her YouTube channel when she ran into the character she modeled for.

6. 'The Last of Us Part II': Dina Actress Shannon Woodward on the Sequel

  • Jun 23, 2020 · How Shannon Woodward Went From 'The Last of Us' Fan to Playing New Character Dina in 'Part II' · Related Stories · More From Variety · Most Popular ...

  • Shannon Woodward, who plays new character Dina in "The Last of Us Part II," talks about what it was like to join the sequel.

7. 'The Last of Us': Here's Why That Should Be Dina in Episode 6

  • Feb 22, 2023 · That girl was Dina, played by Cascina Caradonna and voiced by Shannon Woodward. She becomes Ellie's girlfriend when the two of them go on a ...

  • Is that who we think it is?

8. Was that Dina in The Last of Us episode 6? - PinkNews

  • Feb 22, 2023 · In the game, she was voiced and acted by Shannon Woodward, although her face was modelled on Cascina Caradonna. The Last of Us has already been ...

  • Viewers of The Last of Us episode six are convinced that Dina from The Last of Us: Part Two has made her first appearance on the series.

9. This Is the Girl Dina Is Based on in The Last of Us 2 | Push Square

  • Jun 19, 2020 · Westworld actress Shannon Woodward is playing Dina in The Last of Us: Part II, but you may have noticed that the star doesn't really look ...

  • Cascina is Dina

10. This Dina look-a-like wants to play the character in The Last of Us TV series

  • Oct 10, 2022 · Actor Athena Nickole bears a striking resemblance to The Last of Us 2's Dina. ... If you don't get cast, we riot." In the two days since it was ...

  • Actor Athena Nickole bears a striking resemblance to The Last of Us 2’s Dina

11. 'The Last of Us' Seemingly Sets Up Major Season 2 Storyline with Dina ...

  • Feb 20, 2023 · The character who seems to be Dina is named "staring girl" in the credits for The Last of Us Episode 6, and she is played by Paolina van Kleef.

  • Episode 6 of "The Last of Us" appeared to include a moment between Ellie and her future partner Dina, and fans reacted in delight to the event.

12. Here Are 5 Actresses That Could Play Dina in Season Two of 'The Last of Us

  • Jan 18, 2023 · Thomasin McKenzie · Anna Cathcart · Samantha Scaffidi · Cascina Caradonna · Gideon Adlon.

  • Looks? Check. Talent? Check.

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