The Last Of Us 2 Weapon Locations: How To Find Every Gun (2023)

Bolster your post-apocalyptic arsenal with all the weapons you can scavenge in The Last of Us Part 2.

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Note: We've gone out of our way not to include spoilers for anything that happens in The Last of Us Part 2, but looking at any photos or reading any descriptions might give away plot details you'd rather now know. There are spoilers herein if you don't want to know anything--you've been warned.

Scouring the post-apocalyptic cities of The Last of Us Part 2 will uncover all kinds of crafting materials--things you can use to build bombs, health kits, ammunition, and more. But all that scavenging will also often help you find more than just alcohol and empty plastic bottles. You'll also often come across something a little better: additional firearms and weapons that can give you an edge against the many foes you'll face along the way, both infected and human. You don't necessarily need to have all of them in order to finish the game, but the many ammo types scattered throughout the world mean it will be easier to stay in a fight if you do. This is especially true during the last few hours.

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We've outlined where to find every weapon in The Last of Us Part 2, to help make sure you find every advantage (and unlock the High Caliber Trophy). Though we're marking where we found these weapons, it's worth noting that The Last of Us 2 seems pretty dynamic--if you miss one, you might find another copy somewhere else. Follow our guide and you're guaranteed to find every one, however, ensuring you have a robust loadout and plenty of options when you're forced into combat.

Check out our spoiler-free walkthrough, as well as a suite of other guides, in our huge The Last of Us Part II guide roundup--which also includes some essential tips you should know. If you're curious about how the game stacks up, check out our The Last of Us Part II review.

Pump Action Shotgun - Seattle Day 1: Downtown

The first weapon you'll find out in the world is the Pump Action Shotgun. This one is off the beaten path, but first becomes available in the open-world area of Seattle Downtown. When you get to the portion in which you explore the area and map it as you go, head for Westlake Bank at 5th and James. Inside, make your way to the vault; you can get the code from a note found near a skeleton. (If you'd rather skip that step, the code is: 60-23-06.)

When you get the vault open, find the skeleton of the bank robber who was locked inside and you'll find the Pump Action Shotgun still in his hands.

Trap Mine Bomb - Seattle Day 1: Capitol Hill

The Trap Mine isn't another firearm, but rather, an improvised explosive you can craft once you find your first example. You can locate it on Seattle Day 1 after the Eastbrook Elementary portion. Once you leave the school, you'll enter a complex full of townhouses, then move on to a motel. Before passing through the motel, turn to the right and look for an apartment building with red shutters. Use the nearby dumpster to climb up to the second floor and get inside. Head to the bedroom, where you'll find the Trap Mine on the bend.

Bow - Seattle Day 2: Hillcrest

This one's pretty easy. Your path through Hillcrest will take you to the house of Boris, a local man mentioned in most of the notes and artifacts scattered throughout town. Making your way through the house gets you the bow, which is extremely useful for landing silent kills against enemies at range.

Hunting Pistol - Seattle Day 1: On Foot

Like the shotgun, the Hunting Pistol is easy to miss. It requires you to open a safe in an optional location. After passing through the hardware store, you'll enter a boat repair shop, making your way to the roof to get out. From there, you'll drop down next to a trainyard off to your left. Before dropping down, get inside the building on your right by finding a hole in the wall near the fence to find the safe--a note with the code can be found in a nearby trailer (the code is: 17-38-07). The Hunting Pistol is inside.

Double-Barrel Shotgun - Seattle Day 1: Hostile Territory

Once you set out against at dusk, continue until you find a series of linked storefronts, including a pharmacy, Jasmine Bakery, and Red Dragon Bar. Heading through the bar can get you up to the second floor, and from there you can jump across to the stores on the other side, which are locked. There's a hole in the floor you can use to drop down to the ground floor. You can find the Double Barrel Shotgun behind the shop's counter.

Crossbow - Seattle Day 1: The Coast

After darkness has fallen, you'll go through the forest, then a construction site to reach the coast. Your path to the aquarium will take you into a crashed ferry. You can't miss the Crossbow, which is in the hands of a body you'll shove out of the way to get through a door.

(Video) The Last of Us 2 - Best Weapons and How To Find Them All (The Last Of Us 2 Tips & Tricks)

Flamethrower - Seattle Day 2: The Descent

Once you've crossed the sky bridge, you'll have to make your way back down to the street through a destroyed hotel. You'll use a fire hose to descend from the first level you can access. Keep moving until you hit a spot where you can drop down to the next floor by hopping over a ledge. Instead of jumping, though, look for a nearby bathroom door you can slip through. On the other side, you'll find the skeleton of a FEDRA officer holding the Flamethrower.

Silenced Submachine Gun - Santa Barbara: Pushing Inland

You can't miss the final weapon in the game, luckily. You'll end up with it after a cutscene as you make your way through the Pushing Inland chapter of Santa Barbara, after leaving the boat and heading for town.

Once you've got the Silenced Submachine Gun, you should have every weapon in the game and unlock the High Caliber Trophy. If you're going after the Platinum Trophy for The Last of Us Part 2, you'll also need to upgrade all the weapons--but to get the materials necessary, you'll need to finish the game and restart it in New Game Plus mode. Check out our guide for finding every Workbench to help you upgrade your guns and unlock the In the Field and Prepared For the Worst Trophies.

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The Last of Us Part II

(Video) All Weapon Holster Upgrades Location | Ellie & Abby | The Last Of Us 2 (TLOU Part II)

PlayStation 4


Where are all the weapons in The Last of Us 2? ›

Here's where to find every weapon and holster in The Last of Us...
  • Stun Bomb (Downtown)
  • Pump Shotgun (Downtown)
  • Short Gun Holster (Downtown)
  • Trap Mine (Capitol Hill)
  • Long Gun Holster (Hillcrest)
  • Bow (Hillcrest)
  • Pipe Bomb (On Foot)
  • Hunting Pistol (On Foot)
Sep 18, 2020

Can you miss weapons in Last of Us 2? ›

There are a number of The Last of Us 2 missable items. Most of these can be skipped without worry, but you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for all Training Manuals, all Weapons, and all holsters.

Is it possible to miss a weapon in The Last of Us? ›

There are The Last of Us Part 1 weapons and guns spread throughout the game as you play. You can find many as part of the story, or pick them off bodies along the way. It means most of them are unavoidable, but there are a few special guns you could completely miss.

What is the most powerful weapon in Last of Us 2? ›

1 Bow (Ellie)

This is, without a doubt, the best weapon in The Last of Us: Part II. The bow is a returning favorite from the first game, and it continues to excel in the sequel. For what it lacks in speed and aim drop, it makes up for in craftiness and versatility. The bow can be used in many ways.

Is there a crossbow in Last of Us 2? ›

The Last of Us Part II

The crossbow is found by Abby Anderson while searching for Owen Moore, which she uses until losing it (along with the rest of her gear) on the Seraphites' island.

Can you miss the bow in Last of Us 2? ›

It's impossible to miss exactly where you get the bow, as the story will take you right through the encounter where you acquire it. Fortunately, it is really that easy.

What is Abby's best weapon in The Last of Us 2? ›

The Last Of Us Part 2: Ranking Every Weapon Of Abby's
  • 8 Shiv.
  • 7 Military Pistol.
  • 6 Pipe Bomb.
  • 5 Semi-Auto Rifle.
  • 4 Flamethrower.
  • 3 Hunting Pistol.
  • 2 Crossbow.
  • 1 Double Barrel Shotgun.
Jul 20, 2020

Can you complete The Last of Us 2 without killing anyone? ›

There's only one section of the game, not including Santa Barbara, where a player's NPCs aren't forced to kill anyone: Ellie's Day 3. Not including Santa Barbara, there's only one section where Ellie and Abby are both not forced to kill a non-infected enemy: the prologue.

Can you give Ellie a gun in last of us? ›

Ellie eventually receives a similar pistol from Joel (taken from a dead hunter) at the end of the plaza battle in "Pittsburgh", despite his prior reluctance to allow Ellie to carry a firearm. As with Tess and other NPCs, Ellie's pistol has infinite ammunition.

Does The Last of Us glitch? ›

Generally poor levels of performance make for a miserable experience, but that ain't all: The game suffers from an onslaught of varied, hilarious glitches. Character models are screwed up across the board, doing weird things on top of other visual quirks and oddities.

What is the most powerful weapon in The Last of Us? ›

The El Diablo is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, only taking two shots to kill a Bloater. As with most things it's a balance of power vs available ammo. The El Diablo ammo is difficult to come by, so keep some in reserve for when you're in a bit of a pinch and need that firepower to escape with your life.

What is Abby's best weapon upgrade? ›

Abby's best weapon upgrades

Military Pistol — Fire Rate (40). As was the case for Ellie, this isn't your core damage-dealer, but something for quick damage on the run, or when you're low on more powerful ammo.

Is a pistol or revolver better in the last of us? ›

The Revolver is acquired during the Downtown segment of The Outskirts chapter. After escaping the clicker, Joel will find the revolver beside a corpse. It fills a sidearm slot. The Revolver is more powerful than the standard pistol, dealing higher damage.

Is A Machete better than a pipe in The Last of Us? ›

A strategy to consider is that it is sometimes better to pick weapons like the Machete and Hatchet over weapons like the Pipe. While the Pipe has significantly better durability, it takes several hits to down an enemy opposed to the former's single hit.

Do you keep all of your weapons in The Last of Us 2? ›

The Last of Us 2: What Carries Across to New Game +?

If you're starting a New Game + campaign, all of your weapons and upgrades will carry across.

Can you fully upgrade all weapons in the last of us 2? ›

There are 35 Weapon Upgrades to unlock in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU2) across 12 Weapons. However, 2 of the Weapons have no upgrades at all, so it's really just 10 you can upgrade. In order to craft new upgrades you need a Workbench and Parts.

Where are all 5 weapon upgrade kits in the last of us part one? ›

There are five Last of Us Part 1 tools, found in the following places:
  • Bill's Town, under the church.
  • Pittsburgh, in the first garage.
  • The Suburbs, in the sewer tunnels.
  • The University, in the science building.
  • Bus Depot, in the triage tents.
Jan 17, 2023


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